accurate beat timing

musebook metronome m30's beat timing is very precise with any tempo and stable for an hour even a day.

What's the reason that AMuseTec says "m30 is one of the most accurate one among the all metronome apps in the iTunes store?" m30's engine is written based on the iPhone's audio play timing so that each beat timing is the same as mp3 play timing.

Here is an mp3 file(3.44MB) of 120BPM tick sound for an hour. Please download and play it on your iPhone or iPod touch. After then, play m30 to be synchronized to the mp3 tick sound. You will realize very soon that m30's beat timing is exactly the same as mp3's tick sound timing for an hour.

Get the mp3 file and try a similar test by yourself. You may watch the following YouTube Video, which AMuseTec tested.

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