how to play metronome

how to play m30?

to start, just drag the pendulum bar to the left/right side and release it.

to stop, simply press the bar with your finger.

how to change tempo?

drag the pendulum up/down with your finger.

for presice controls, press +/- to change by 1 bpm step.

press the bpm number, you can directly enter the bpm using a keypad.

how to change meters?

press the meter-selection button & select any meter among 1~20.

how to accent beat-sound?

press the beat-led button to show/hide beat leds.

press any beat-led, the beat-sound rotates on, off and accent.

how to change beat rhythm patterns?

press the beat-rhythm-pattern button and select any.

how to change metronome sound sets?

press the sound-set button, the sound-set rotates among set-1, set-2 and set-3.

tip: you may control the volume slider even while mute.

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